Thread Lifting

Thread Lifting to tighten skin underneath the chin, in the neck and remove ‘jowls’
Carried out by Dr Conlon
Clinics in Bramhall and Worsley
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Lip Enhancement

Lip Enhancement that looks natural.

Naturally enhanced upper lip maintaining Cupid’s Bow and philtrum

Cost: £280

All treatments carried out by Dr Conlon MBChB FRCA

Clinic locations in Bramhall and Worsley



Perfect pins for Christmas🎄Yes! It is perfectly possible to permanently get rid of thread veins. And it’s the ideal time of year for treatment in time for Spring 🦋 😷 Treatment: Microsclerotherapy 🎯 Purpose: Improve the aesthetic appearance of the legs. Gold standard in thread vein treatment🏅 Results: Permanent removal of thread veins 🧐 How it works: Injection of a ‘sclerosant’ into the vein. This causes the wall of the vein to stick together and the vein dies away and disappears. There is no relation to the deep venous system or risk of deep vein thrombosis. Many clients are wrongly advised to use laser treatment for removal which is not effective at all as the vein itself is not treated 📞 Phone: 07779 485013. 📧 Email: 📍Location: Bramhall and Worsley #drconlon #nomorewrinkles #15yearsexperience #doctorknowsbest #drconlonsaestheticclinic #beautybramhall #bodyworx @bodyworx_ @sanctuary.bramhall.lymm

Tear Trough Dermal Fillers

Tear Trough Hollows treated with Dermal Fillers
Examples show the work of Dr Clare Elizabeth Conlon. Fully qualified NHS consultant with 12 years experience running the aesthetic clinic. All consultations and treatments are carried out by Dr Conlon.
The picture at the top of the image shows the hollows underneath the eye. This is caused by a loss of muscle and fat in the mid face which happens due to age.

The picture at the bottom of the image shows the results achieved with placing dermal filler beneath the eye in the tear trough.

A total of 2ml of Teosyal Redensity II dermal filler was placed across left and right tear troughs. This is the specific brand and type of filler that the industry recommends to cause minimal post procedure swelling. 

The pictures were taken immediately following treatment demonstrating minimal bruising or swelling allowing the client to resume normal activities immediately.
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Lip Fillers to Increase Volume

Lip Filler to Increase Volume.

Juvederm Ultra used to augment the top lip. Treatment focused on adding volume to the top lip whilst preserving the phlltrum and cupid’s bow to avoid loosing these features. This can happen with lip augmentation and leaves a ‘sausage’ appearance which does not look natural.

Lips are described as ‘perfect’ when the bottom lip is approximately 1.5 times the size of the top lip. This has been achieved and it is essential to do this to avoid the ‘duck’ like appearance that many clients are concerned about which again, does not look natural. This effect was achieved using 1.0ml of Juvederm Ultra.

If my client wishes to have something that looks more ‘enhanced’, I would choose Teosyal Kiss. As with all dermal filler treatments, the effect is instant which allows the client to judge how much they want to be used whilst the procedure is being carried out.